Parasomnia is a category of sleep disorders that includes abnormal behaviors and feelings during sleep, such as sleep deprivation, nightmares, and drowsiness. These behaviors can result from a variety of causes and causes, and when they cause sleep and functional disorders, it is important to approach a professional and begin appropriate treatment. If this interests you – on this page we have gathered information about the phenomenon, its manifestations, diagnosis and treatment.

What is parasomnia?

Parasomnia (English: Parasomnia) is a category that belongs to sleep disorders , which refers to abnormal and unusual behaviors that occur during sleep, which also includes unusual dreams, movements, expression of emotions and different perceptions. Most of the symptoms of this disorder will occur in the transition between wakefulness and REM sleep (a stage in sleep also called “dream sleep” in which the speed of the brain increases). It is also possible that the disturbances will take place in the transition between the state of notes and the third stage of sleep, in which one enters a deep sleep.

How can this be expressed?

Parasomnia can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms, including:

Speech out of sleep

Speech from sleep is a parasomnial phenomenon especially common in children, and can manifest itself in the production of various voices and sounds, speech and even shouting. The phenomenon itself is not dangerous, but if it is experienced frequently or is accompanied by further disturbances or impaired sleep quality, it is important to consult a professional.

night terrors

Nocturnal anxiety disorder is most common in young children, and does not usually indicate any illness. This disorder is most often manifested by frightened facial expressions and even screaming from sleep, and an increase in nightmares. Those who suffer from it may wake up in fear and anxiety, and even fear a state of drowsiness and sleep.

Walking in sleep

Drowsiness is a sleep disorder that is also known as walking out of sleep or as a moon disease. Those who suffer from it may perform various activities from sleep that are suitable for an awake state, such as walking, having sex, driving, eating and more. The most common manifestation of this disorder is walking out of sleep.
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People can suffer from nightmares one night per period, from stress or illness, while others can often have nightmares. The nightmares most often occur during the REM year, called the dream year and is characterized by eye twitching and an increase in brain activity.

Other possible symptoms of this disorder are nocturnal enuresis, gnashing of teeth, confusion and headaches. These symptoms may appear alongside the sleep disorders mentioned above.

The causes of parasomnia

The causes of parasomnia vary depending on the specific disorder the person is suffering from. Each of the parasomas mentioned above may have different causes. For example, environmental effects must be addressed, such as alcohol consumption, lack of sleep or poor and insufficient sleep, mental stress, depression and other mental disorders, high fever and more.

On the diagnostic process

If there is a concern about the existence of a parasomic disorder (or any other sleep disorder), which impairs the quality of sleep and daily functioning, it is important to consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will usually conduct an inquiry regarding the patient’s medical history and diagnose the specific problem he is suffering from. If necessary, the doctor will refer the patient for further professional treatment, such as a visit to a sleep laboratory.

Ways of treating parasomnia

There is usually no dedicated treatment specifically for parasomic sleep disorders. After consultation with a professional appropriate treatment will be given to the patient. Possible treatments that can alleviate the phenomenon include medication, for example in cases of sleep problems and nightmares, which aim to suppress the dream year (REM year). Adjusting appropriate treatment can reduce the onset of symptoms of the disorder as well as reduce the frequency.

In conclusion

If you feel that you are suffering from a sleep disorder or abnormal feelings and behaviors during the night, and are also afraid that you are suffering from some kind of parasomic phenomenon, it is important that you contact a professional as soon as possible to know treatments that will be effective for you. Good luck and good night!

Common questions

What is parasomnia?

Parasomnia is a category of sleep disorders, which includes a number of symptoms that include unusual and unusual behaviors, movements, sounds and dreams. The parasomnial effects may occur at different stages of sleep, especially in the transition between wakefulness and the REM phase as well as in the transition between wakefulness and the third sleep state in the sleep cycle.

What are the symptoms of the phenomenon?

There are a variety of symptoms that can manifest as a result of parasomnia, ranging from sleep disorders like walking out of sleep, speech out of sleep, night terrors, to other symptoms like confusion, headaches, gnashing of teeth in sleep and more.

How can parasomnia be treated?

There are several ways in which prasomonic disorders and their symptoms can be treated, such as medication and behavioral therapy. Before starting medical treatment, consult a doctor or a professional. It is also important to know that every disorder in this category has a treatment that is appropriate for it.

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